History and Philosophy

David Spray

Export Advisors was founded by David Spray and is based in Houston, Texas, at the heart of the export industry.

Export Advisors differentiates itself from other firms dedicated to tax savings by focusing exclusively on the IC-DISC incentive program. David's career as a former CPA and serial entrepreneur has given him an edge in understanding how to add measurable value to exporting entrepreneus while providing them with a simplified way to access their maximum tax savings with the IC-DISC.

Since 2006, Export Advisors has partnered with hundreds of clients to help them save more than $100 million in taxes. A typical client of ours enjoys more than $100,000 in annual net tax savings (after all fees paid).

Our business strategy of focusing solely on the IC-DISC program and partnering with entrepreneurs has resulted in proprietary IC-DISC programs, processes, and systems that are unparalleled in the marketplace.

If you're ready to get started maximizing your potential tax savings with the IC-DISC, give us a call at (832) 654-9889 or contact us online today.

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